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SEC Europe stands for Shaft Elements Construction Europe. SEC Europe has been developed smart solutions by bringing together standardized processes into modular elements. Therefore we guarantee high quality, flexibility, shorter construction time and meet our modules optimal life cycle- and sustainability requirements.

Brand Identity

Nowadays the market requires not only renewal but also innovation. Our prefabricated modules are innovative, saving valuable time and can be deliverd just in time (JIT).

Creative Smart Ideas

At SEC-Europe we have set new standards in affordability, sustainability and speed of construction. A solution for every situation. You are always assured of the advantages of our prefabricated modules

Outstading Support

Of course we do not turn around once the completion is a fact. You can always count on us. Longstanding relationships, that’s our goal. Mail or call us for more information.

Added Value

Let us convince you of the enormous efficiency of our Prefabricated Construction Elements thanks to a fully assembled delivery. Join our presentation Submit here


During our prefabrication proces, we only use the best materials. So you’r always assured of the best quality and durability.

Our goal

Our goal is to become and remain an attractive partner for our customers by demonstrating excellent expertise in these areas.

About SEC Europe

With our clients we look for the perfect balance between needs and solutions. Our key to a successful job is the basis of our philosophy: G R O W I N G   T O G E T H E R.             

We deliver complete prefabricated construction elements with all the necessary W / E lines. These are delivered JIT. The complete construction elements will be connected on site. Saving time and keep the standards high.

The elements can be provided with special patented concrete®. The advantage of this patented concrete® is enormous. Join our free presentation at 2 september 2016. See details below and we'll explane all of this.


Top quality - Reduced costs - Optimal process.

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Value – Faster time to occupation can generate income for clients earlier and lead to lower site overheads due to less time on site.


Speed – The off-site fabrication process can take place in the factory, in parallel to site preparation activities. This can reduce the overall construction period of a project significantly.


Quality – A predetermined quality can be achieved in a factory controlled process, and the indoor environment means buildings and components are protected from climate extremes and vandalism.


Sustainability – Minimum site disturbance, tightly managed material flow and construction waste, and pre-planned assembly and disassembly can reduce the environmental impact of construction.


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You are commercially responsible for increasing our market position and expanding our customer base.

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Are you a (plant) technically driven sales advisor and know all about the Benelux market?

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In 4 steps from appointment to delivery

Our modules are prefabricated in a production hall and connected on site.

Of course, all components are carefully tested.


determine ambition
  • plan Structure
  • (Location / amount)
  • Budget plan
  • roadmap
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The design
  • Design in consultation customer
  • Specify and
  • engineer modules
  • Agreement
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4-On Site:

Just In Time
  • preparing construction site
  • And connecting the modules
  • Commissioning
  • completion
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22-05, 2016 high rise building

22-05, 2016 Production proces

22-05, 2016 Utillity

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